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You could say I am obsessed Amazon and every time I go on, I find something that I had no clue I needed in my life. If you haven't ordered from Amazon in the last month, I have one question for you. How do you like living under a rock? Just kidding. That is exactly what you guys are going to ask yourself after reading this today. On a real note, Amazon is constantly being updated with new gadgets, home decor, food, etc. And honestly, I wish I could say that I am sorry for getting you guys hooked, but I'm not. Let's get started! (click on the picture or title to go to the product)

Booty Bands

These bands are great for that at home workout or when you are traveling, hello hotel workouts. Need to get warm and fire up those glutes? These are for you & your workout routine needed them, like yesterday. I have my clients use these bands all of the time to really activate their lower body in order to get ready for a lifting session.

Gym Bag


 Honestly, I feel like you guys won't believe me when I say that I got my first gym bag a couple weeks ago. For how much I am at the gym and workout, I don't know how I didn't have one? Does she even lift? This bad boy has a shoe compartment for those smelly things. It also has a wet bag space? I haven't used this part of the bag yet, but trust me I will at some point. It is so nice to go to the gym and have everything in one place! Plus, I feel like this bag is pretttyy stylish. 

Matcha, Please

Drinking Matcha makes me feel like I have superpowers. I drink it and have so much energy afterwards and it tastes so freaking good. You are going to need the bamboo whisk that comes in that little cute set above. That is essential. Do not forget that. If you want me to tell you how I make my Matcha Latte leave me a comment below. I am strongly convinced that when Travis Scott said he was the highest in the room, he had a Matcha drink in one hand. I won't say what I think was in his other hand. Just my thoughts, next.

Those tank tops that you want...But don't know where to get.

Seeing cute workout tanks makes me so happy!! until I look at the price tag. I have ordered both sets of these tops and I am so pleasantly surprised. They come in sets of 4 tanks for $21, talk about a steal. I get a size Medium, just because I don't like them to be super cropped. They fall exactly at the top of my leggings, match made in heaven if you ask me.

Collagen Peptides

Clear skin, healthy nails, and hair growth. Ahhhh, sounds nice & you can have it all! I pour a scoop of this powder into my tea every single morning. My hair dresser was stunned by how much my hair had grown since my last visit. Studies also say that the collagen peptides can curve cravings. Let me tell ya, I love desserts and chocolate, but recently those treats haven't been so hard to turn down. Is this powder magic? For sure.

The Book You Read to Get Your Head on Straight.

I had the pleasure of reading this book last summer, sent to me by my mother. I thought she was trying to tell me something at first ( looking at the title), but after reading, I knew why she sent it to me. She's an absolute saint. Reading this book made me take a step back and change my perspective on a lot of things. My girl ( Dr. Laura ) explains all that you need to do in order to have healthy relationships. With yourself, your friends, and your romantic life. Educate yourself, it's hot.

 Blue Light Glasses

If you sit on your computer for more than 3-4 hours a day, like me, you need these. I used to get such bad headaches and my eyes would strain themselves trying to work overtime. Ever since my friend got me these for my birthday, no headaches and my eyes feel better than ever. They come with a clear pair and a black pair. I love both, but it is nice to have two pairs if you tend to lose things.

 Essential Oil Diffuser

Lay back and smell the fresh air, or the eucalyptus essential oil. Whatever oil you pick to use, this diffuser is a must. There is a bunch of variety on amazon, but this one happens to match my room the best. Every oil has a different benefit along with a smell, bounce around amazon and find your favorite. Personally, I love eucalyptus, tea tree, and sleepy time lavender.



If you love Amazon as much as I do, I am sure you can appreciate this list. If you are new, welcome to an amazing site that you can receive almost anything right at your door within 1-2. days. So crazy. It is almost 2020, I am SO ready to press a button on my microwave, open it a minute later to a three course meal from Cheesecake Factory. Too much? I feel like Amazon could invent that. See ya next time babes.




  • Sammi

    I love reading your blogs. You are seriously so funny.

  • Casey

    I’ve been looking to get a pair of blue light glasses, but honestly didn’t know which brand. I really like those, thanks for sharing!

  • Madison

    I need the recipe to the Matcha Latte! Make a video Pls!!!

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