My Trip To Anna Maria Island

Island Time, Baby

This past week I was living my best life (on an island). Anna Maria Island, to be exact. What is better than waking up to the sound of waves crashing one after another? I'll answer that. Waking up to the sound of waves, making tea and drinking it on the beach as the sun starts to gradually get stronger. Imagine yourself somewhere so tropical you could wake up on the beach and think you were actually in the Islands. I like to call it beach therapy. It is good for the soul, everyone needs it, just like tequila.

Anyway, my friends and I were able to have the best of times on this island that we will never forget. Great food, good drinks, and even better people. This trip reminded me of how amazing this place is and how every time I return it gets bigger and better. Lets get into the details, shall we?

Where to Stay

Bali Hai Beach Resort

6900 Gulf Drive
Holmes Beach, FL 34217 USA


This luxury beach resort will have you questioning why on earth you can't stay there forever? I can see you relaxing right now on the lovely, crystal clear waters of the Gulf, sipping champagne while watching dolphins playfully swim. Not a care in the world. Did I set the scene of paradise? Because that is exactly what this part of the island beholds. Whether you want a trip to get away by yourself or a trip to spend with all of your friends, this is a perfect spot. Located close to many different restaurants and bars to give you the entertainment and food you not only want, but what you deserve!

Let me mention some of the totally amazing things this resort has in store for you:

  • An island style sanctuary. This courtyard has the greenest grass you have ever seen. Wanna know the secret? It is all turf and allows your feet to walk softly along the ground.
  • A luxury heated pool along with the coolest shaped umbrellas that line the warm waters. The landscaping is picture perfect. Your Instagram is about to be off the hook, trust me.
  • Cabanas. On the beach, by the pool, you name it, they are there. The best thing about these cabanas is that they are super soft and PERFECT for naps. 
  • Ocean front rooms that sit 300 ft away from the sugary white sand and clear water. The sunsets at night are one of the most magical and mesmerizing things I have seen in a while. The sunrises are also a sight to see, if you are into waking up early. Also, don't worry about the hassle of bringing beach chairs and towels. Bali Hai has got you covered.
  • A spa. Not just any, An Acqua Aveda Spa. Vacation is all about treating yourself. What is better self care than a facial and a massage? Your skin will love you and also probably say thank you!
  • Golf Carts! Who wants to ride around the island in a car? That is like so 2017, lol. But, honestly how fun is that. It is the cherry on top!

Check out the Bali Hai Resort in my video below. Life is pretty sweet when you spend it ocean front sipping bubbly with your whole crew. What are your plans for spring break?  Maybe we can do this again sometime, together.

More pictures....Can you blame me?

Whew– glad I finally had the chance to sit down & talk about my trip! Of course, there are plenty of places to stay on Anna Maria Island. BUT, the Bali Hai Resort is owned by locals. The vibe was different at this place, it made me feel like I was at home. The staff was amazing and SO helpful. They really cared how our experience was and made sure it was the best time ever! You can always tell when people love their job and like to make others happy.

If you missed my trip on Instagram, check out my highlights and my pictures. I will be continuing to post about my trip (:

LOVE Y’ALL. Talk soon. x


  • Jessica

    Wonderfully written and shown. Love your blogs, Emily. keep it up. This looks like a wonderful spring break place.

  • sam

    I need your swim suits like yesterday. Love this.

  • Katie

    Emily, that video you amazing! It showed the resort so well. I love the blue cabanas.

  • Katie

    Emily, that video you amazing! It showed the resort so well. I love the blue cabanas.

  • Karli

    Wow, I want to make a trip there this summer. Looks amazing.

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