Nutrition vs Working Out?

Emily Cottrill Fitness vs Working OutMost of the clients that I have had in the past, have come up to me and said something that sounds like this, "I want to get back into shape and tone up". The first thing I ask is how often are you currently working out, tell me what you do when working out AND what is your diet like? They reply with something simple like, “It’s getting better", "I cut out carbs", or “It’s okay, but I am trying to focus on working out more” because their attending some upcoming event. Every client that I have is unique and has different needs and wants, but almost all of them have the same misconception about food.

Think about the nutrition part as the dip and the gym or workout part as the chip...Sure, you can eat the chips without dip, but is it as good? No.. Same concept applies to you and your body! You will get the best results out of the gym if you’re eating habits are on point. On point meaning, you have an abundant supply of whole foods in your diet. Whole foods are unprocessed and unrefined. For example, whole grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables. You might look at this and think how on earth am I going to be able to eat all of these foods? Well, fill your fridge with them. Look up recipes. Educate yourself on different meal plans. Start by going to the store and replacing one processed food that you normally always get to a whole food! Each time you go to the store, do this.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you eating a lot of junk food?
  • Are you low on energy?
  • Do you crave sweets after every meal?
  • Does your skin breakout often?
  • Does your stomach feel bloated / heavy?
  • Does your body feel good after you eat?

If the answer to these questions is an overwhelming YES, then you need to consider these simple changes for life-long health:

  • Add more fresh veggies (lots of greens) and fruits to your diet
  • Eat fewer convenience and processed foods and stay away from FRIED foods
  • Remind yourself that if the food looks like it did when it grew from earth, it’s a healthier choice
  • Look to eat whole grains, such as brown rice or quinoa
  • Choose healthy fats, such as nuts, coconuts, seeds, and avocados
  • Look at your plate before you eat it. Ask yourself, will this meal make my body happy?

I hope this article helped you guys realize how important it is to stick to the basics and give your body the nutrient dense foods it needs. In order for your body to meet your goals (in work, in the gym, hobbies, playing with your kids, etc.), it needs proper care to meet these goals. Proper nutrition paired with regular exercise will make you feel amazing and LOOK amazing. Always keep in mind that food = body fuel. There is no daylight between fitness and nutrition, they’re one in the same. They are the match made in heaven that goes together!


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