Staying Inspired In College

"It's not gonna work if you Don't Want It to" 

A couple days ago, I was in the car driving home from class. I drive the same way every single day, as many people do. After a while, driving this same route consistently puts you into auto pilot. Meaning you could basically do this drive in your sleep (not a good idea). A song then came on my radio that I used to listen to when I was a little girl. Sunrise by Norah Jones. My mom and I used to sing this song together. She would sing it to me before I went to bed at night and if she didn't, I would listen to it on my little iPod.  Hearing this song really made me take a step back and picture myself as a little girl. If she could have, would that little girl look up to and be proud of the woman I am today? Would I be a role model to her? Would she come to me with questions hoping to get my advice? These are questions I often ask myself. I think it helps me to keep my head on straight. It inspires and motivates me to be the best version of myself. I push myself as a person, in the gym, and in my work for that little girl because I simply want the best for her. 

It is SO easy to lose motivation in college. I am not just talking about fitness, I am talking about health in general. There are probably times when you think you don't belong at your school or you simply can't relate to anyone around you. Sometimes, I feel like I don't really have a place. When you start feeling this way, it is so easy to get sucked into some bad habits that go with being in college. 

This is a place where you find yourself saying that it is fine to go out because everyone is ( when you promised yourself to study tonight) OR saying it is fine to eat like shit (because everyone else is) OR "Guys, lets just skip the workout today"( when you know you shouldn't, but it makes you feel better because other people are skipping with you). All of these things are fine, trust me. I have done them AND still do. But my point is, everything needs to be in moderation. If these things aren't done in moderation, it turns into a twice a week thing and then 3-4 times a week. Give it some time and you are partying, failing classes, and putting your health on the back burner. ouch. 

Well, Emily, What do I do? Where can I find motivation to get back on track? 




♥ Get active OUTSIDE OF the gym- LOTS of clients, friends, family have told me that they get bored in the gym. & I too feel the SAME. Routines get boring. Change it up. Go outside! Grab a mat and do some yoga. Go to a track and run or a set of bleachers for a HIIT workout. Have you ever tried boxing? What about hiking? Maybe swimming..

♥ Remember who YOU are- Think about a time that you were insanely proud of yourself. When was that, what were you doing? When was the last time that you felt ALIVE? I had dinner with my friends on the beach the other night. We got pizza & wine and laid out on a blanket. The sunset was beautiful and in the midst of laughing, I felt super grateful. Not to get sappy, but I am so lucky to live this life. I am healthy, love what I do, and surrounded by great friends. See what I just did? 

 ♥ Take time to be by yourself. - I love working out alone. That is MY time. I spend the rest of the day around people, so I take that hour (ish) to spend it with myself. Sometimes I put on a podcast ( The goop, Jeremy Scott, Call Her Daddy, Straight Up with Stassi) ) or I blast DaBaby (Letssss gooo) & Travis Scott.  Do you have a time set out in your day that is your time? If not, find it! Everyone deserves time to be alone. This could be reading, writing, biking, music, literally anything! Do what makes you happy.

Welp, that's it for today. Hope I was able to help someone in someway <3

Talk soon. xx



  • Brett

    Such a good read! Keep it up, you’re very talented!

  • Nat

    girl you go ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

  • Sarah

    Emily you are someone that I have always looked up to! Keep doing you, I am so proud!

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