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December 8, 2019

Yesterday, I got back from the desert. I am now a cactus loving, mountain climbing, blue skies craving gal. Honestly, what is better than waking up and walking outside to embrace the mountain peaks that line the sky? It reminded me of a computer screen saver. You know the ones you used to see when the computer screen went black and the pictures of desired destinations welcomes the screen. Anyway, my point is, the beauty in Arizona is breathtaking. If you are looking to plan a trip or you are just here simply because you enjoy my blog ( aw, stop. I'm blushing ), keep reading to find out where to stay, where and what to eat, and fun things to do.

Where to Stay

I have one word to describe this resort: Paradise. Not to mention, it is located in the heart of Paradise Valley. Coincidence? Probably. Easily one of the most unique hotels I have ever stayed at surrounded by a great atmosphere. This isn't like your regular hotel, it is totally spread out across the property. The grounds are huge and everyone staying has their own room that feels as if no one else is around. Truly a very quiet and laid back environment with tons of activities to do. I honestly thought we weren't going to be spending much time at the resort, but we ended up spending probably 75% of our time there. It was THAT awesome. The worst part about it was leaving. 

Pool time in December? Yes, that is a thing in Arizona. My favorite way to end the night on vacation after a long day is relaxing in the hot tub with a drink. During the day, there is an adult pool, main pool, and a children's pool. Head over to the adult pool and order a frozen coconut rum mojito. Freaking unreal. They also have a Hoppin' Jack's Poolside cafe with a bunch of yummy sandwiches and snacks. See if my guy Brett is working the pool deck. 

He helped us every time we were there with anything we needed. Even if we didn't think we needed anything, we did. I didn't know I needed this drink until I tasted it. The rest was history.

Where to Eat

Good food makes the whole restaurant experience.  The food from these places were simply wonderful.  I would LOVE to return and get the same meal from each of these locations. & this is where you find out that I have quite the Mexican food addiction. Okay, let's begin.

A Mexican restaurant is only as good as their salsa, chips, and guacamole. And this? So fresh & SO good.

Directions: Order Casamigos tequlia with agave and lime juice on the rocks. & then order another one.

Chicken Street Tacos, Shrimp Wrap, and Chicken Quesadilla. Winner: Street Tacos. The corn is to die for and the tacos were so tasty.


This restaurant was a bit upscale, but delicious. I am not much of a steak person, but it was nice because they had many different options. Everyone at the table was happy with their choices ( Dover Sole, Colorado Rack of Lamb, Skukna Bay Salmon) and the inside of the restaurant was beautiful.

Salmon, baby! Who goes to a steak house and gets seafood? Me. Opps. Anyway, it was really good. We came back here again and I got the cheeseburger and that was even better.   

People find it very helpful to look at the menu before eating at a restaurant. Yes, that is me, I am one of those people. 

The cheesecake here was insane. Like, melt in your mouth, close your eyes, good.


After swimming under the sun, hit up the pool cafe for quesadillas, pizza, club sandwiches and burgers. Did I mention the awesome cocktails? Say no more.

Club sandwiches at the pool are x10 better than eating them anywhere else.  

This was some kind of skinny coconut pineapple drink that I forget the name of. Sorry :/ 



The name says it all.

Two Skinny Ritas with Casamigos and one Arizona Prickly Pear, Please!

Dedicated to the menu people out there.

Fajita Bowl with Island Shrimp. If I did the bowl over again, I'd do chicken instead. The shrimp was bomb, but WAY too spicy for me.



I told you I loved Mexican food. I promise, this is the last place. But this is one of the best places we went to. It is located in the Biltmore Fashion Park and had a really cool vibe. Stop by after shopping and grab a drink & some tacos.

A lovely picture of the menu. Very interesting, 10/10.

I split the chicken fajitas and they were actually so good. My Skinny Margarita(s) were different than I have had before, it had fresh orange in it. Not complaining, it was amazing. 

Things to Do


So, I've been hiking in California before at Runyon Canyon & that was pretty awesome. You could be on your phone, take your dog along, chat with friends, and even drink your Starbucks. On the other hand, Camelback Mountain is strictly business. It was a great workout, but definitely requires a lot more attention and ability than my previous hikes. It took us about two hours on the Echo trail. Get shoes on, bring water, & take a freakin hike!


Ahhh, my favorite part of the trip. What girl (or guy) doesn't love to be absolutely pampered and lay around relaxing for the day. I have had facials and massages before, but this one hit different. Maybe it was the fact that I just didn't want to leave. I knew as soon as I left the next day I would be traveling back to school to start finals. Finals were going to start anyway, but at least I was going into them relaxed and ready to kick ass.

She casual sat on the couch gazing at the dessert thinking about how she will conquer the world with champagne in one hand and her computer in the other.

Fire at the entrance. Need I say more?

Strawberry Mixed Greens salad. Delicious.


If you want to shop till you drop, this is your place. You can buy anything from a movie ticket to a Tesla. Yep, like an actually car. This mall is filled with high end stores, but also has your classics like Forever21, Lululemon, H&M, etc. A good trip to save for that one rainy day in Arizona (if that ever happens?).


Known as a touristy area, but honestly I had so much fun here. I mean they do have those little stores that have all the same stuff for anyone new to Arizona. Other than that, the restaurants and bars here were SO welcoming and fun. We stopped by two bars. One was called the Rusty Spur. It was a smaller bar with an older crowd. The other bar was called Old Town Tavern which was my favorite. Sit outside and enjoy the live music!

Side Note: I always add True Lemon to my drinks to give it some extra flavor. 1 Packet = 1 Lemon Wedge. Tastes SO fresh.


Traveling to new places is one of the best things you can do in terms of experience and learning. Some of the best lessons I have learned were from hearing what others had to say in different locations around the world. It is truly a blessing to be able to travel. If you have the opportunity to take a trip, do it. Learn something. Adventure. Grow.

Till next time, 



  • Melissa

    I am going to order those true lemon packets. I didn’t know where to get them before, thank you!

  • Kam

    i LOVE your blog posts. Arizona is always a place I have been wanting to visit. All the mexican restaurants look so good!

  • Carly

    Your trip looks unreal! Glad you enjoyed it

  • Kate

    I love the travel series! Please do more, I literally want to jump on a plane and go there.

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