☆ 21 Day Full Body Plan ☆

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 ☆The plan is 4 weeks with 5 days of workouts per week. The plan consists of 6 lower body days, 5 full body days, 5 upper body days, and 5 different cardio days. This plan is 21 days long, BUT you are encouraged to repeat it for as long as you would like!!

☆Some of the days you will need access to a gym, while others you'll need just some dumbbells. Every workout in the 21 day plan is different, so you will never be bored.

There is a private Instagram account that I've pulled together to give you easy access.  Here's what to do: Purchase the plan then send your receipt to that private Instagram account and I will confirm your follow request. Make sure you send it to the private Instagram account and NOT my regular one (@emilycottrill), dm’s tend to get lost there! Once the plan is bought, you will receive an email with more instructions and the name of the private account. I have made this Instagram account so that you will be able to see demos of me personally performing each exercise. You will be able to see the correct form and how to do each exercise properly. 

☆This plan is perfect for you if you want to get your full body toned. It has a wide variety of workouts with the additional benefit of joining a private community that supports one another's goals!

☆The plan is for people looking to change up their routine in and out of the gym. If you are a beginner, I want you to see how versatile working out can be. These workouts are yours to keep, so start slow and work up to the number of sets / reps listed if you are having trouble (: If you are experienced with working out and lifting, welcome & let's get started already!!

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