3 Week HIIT Guide Beginner | Vol 1

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This workout guide is packed with 3 weeks worth of workouts that will get you back into the swing of fitness and working out while pushing you into shape. This guide will have you sweating in no time and leave you feeling so accomplished after every single workout. 

HIIT is a great addition to your weekly routine and if you have never done this type of training before, this is perfect for you. All of the workouts included in this program can be done without a gym and without weights. All exercises have a video demo, by yours truly. I want to make sure that each and every one of you are properly learning these exercises to avoid any kind of injury. So when following along, click on the exercises (they are linked) to each video.

Each week, you will have three workouts to complete. If that is too much at first, don’t worry. Once you download this plan, it is yours to keep and you can work on the exercises whenever you please. Jogging is involved in this plan and is something that we will be lightly working on over the next 3 weeks to really push your body into shape.

Let’s make the jump into fitness together and I guarantee you will love the results that come with it!